Workshops by Volunteer Canada

2016 Impact for Sustainability

Creating a Culture of Collaboration: 3 Sessions

May 25-27, 2016
ROOM TBD | Mount Royal University

These 3 sessions will bring academic faculty, Volunteer Centres and community partners together to discuss and develop more collaborative working relationships. The Creating a Culture of Collaboration series was designed in response to feedback received from the previous conference, where academic and non-profit participants requested more opportunities to interact and learn from each other.

Session 1: Creating the Potential

This session will set the scene for open dialogue and productive networking between academic CSL Faculty and Volunteer Centres. Attendees will become more familiar with the wide range of work and varied activities of each group in order to see the potential in working together to positively impact communities.

Session 2: Culture of Experience

In this session, examples of brokering models for Community-Campus engagement that are at different stages of development and have different capacities will be shared by participants. These case studies will be used to provide insight into the experiences of working relationships between post-secondary institutions and Volunteer Centres. Participants will gain a greater sense of the value of this work and hear about the types of partnership opportunities that exist. They will also discover actions they can take to develop a partnership that aligns with their needs and capacity.

Session 3: Collaboration Leads to New Opportunities

This session is an opportunity to dialogue and network. Participants will be encouraged to explore common goals and identify new ways of working together, long after the conference wraps-up.